Transtolk Simplifies Order
Processing with IT



Transtolk’s case in summary

  • Time-consuming order entry
  • Errors are made
  • Becoming less dependent on people
  • Integration with TANS’ Talis TMS
  • Smooth implementation
  • Easily creating customer templates
  • Currently converting 30% automatically. Goal is 75%
  • More efficient transport planning

“"After a demo, we immediately saw the added value of automatic conversion. Then we looked at which customers we could quickly and easily get within this framework”

Peter van AntwerpenTranstolk

Transtolk, a family-owned business, specializes in conditioned transport of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants. The third generation is about to take the helm of the transportation company. Besides serving the Benelux, the logistics service provider also caters to customers in Germany and France. With 55 own vehicles and 15 charters, Transtolk has multiple compartments, allowing the company to transport shipments at different temperatures.

Depedent on people
Manager Peter van Antwerpen talks about the challenges in order processing: “At Transtolk, 2 FTEs are dedicated to manual order entry. With hundreds of customers and thousands of orders, you can imagine that order processing sometimes gets congested. Manual order entry is not only time-consuming, but you also become too dependent on the people doing that work. Mistakes are made frequently, which shouldn’t happen.”

“A typographical error can have significant consequences. People sometimes enter 10 pallets instead of 1. That can disrupt the entire operation. Of course, we always find a solution with our customers. However, we believe that orders should be correct in the system from the start. We searched for a solution that addresses this problem at its root, both to improve performance and to become less dependent on people,” explains Peter.


Transtolk learned about the Automatic Order Entry module through competitor BosDaalen: “We do business with this company regularly. BosDaalen was very positive about the savings and results they achieved. So, we arranged a meeting with Simply Deliver. During a demo, we immediately saw the added value of automatic conversion. Then we looked at which customers we could quickly and easily get within this framework.”

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Integration with

Transtolk uses TANS’ Talis Transport Management System. Peter is excited about the integration: “It’s great to see when Simply Deliver and TANS specialists sit together. You can really tell that they speak the same language. They quickly handle things and set up a solid integration in no time. Actually, the implementation went very smoothly. Customers are set up based on the examples we provide, and the consultants handle the configuration. Within a few weeks, the first orders from the AOI module flowed into our TMS. And if an order doesn’t go through suddenly, we can adjust it ourselves or ask the Simply helpdesk. They respond quickly.”

Goal is 75%
automatic conversion

“At the moment, we have 15 customers using the Automatic Order Entry module. We already convert about 30% of orders automatically. We drag the incoming orders into the converter, and it checks and enriches the data. Soon, we’ll take the next step. Orders will be automatically read from the mailbox and then converted into order data in our TMS. And step by step, we’ll onboard the rest of the customer templates. The goal is to automatically convert 75% of all customer orders. In concrete terms, this means less manual order entry and more time for process monitoring. This optimizes our transport planning, allows us to invoice earlier, and reduces errors. It aligns with our objectives,” concludes Peter.

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