Logistics IT should make carriers happy.

Give your customers
online insight

Simply Deliver offers a fully web-driven, ready-to-use software for carriers. Onboard your customers within minutes and let them send orders online. In addition, they can closely track the progress of shipments in the portal.

Converteer orders automatisch
Supply Chain Control

Automate  your
logistics operation

Start by simplifying and automating time-consuming and error-prone work. Excel planning is a thing of the past. Your dispatchers can concentrate on efficient planning and increased customer satisfaction. They no longer have to worry about the many administrative actions.

Say goodbye
to manual actions

In logistics, many PDF’s, Excel’s, Word-files with order, shipping, invoice information are still sent by e-mail. This information then has to be retyped into your own system. This manual data entry is a waste of time and money and also causes quality problems. This in turn results in delays, unnecessary waiting times, operational errors and leads to irritation for everyone in the process. This can easily be prevented with our software for carriers.


Working together has never been easier!
Reduce your costs by up to 20%!


Simply Deliver simplifies your logistics.

Process all bookings in the same structured way. Customers can upload documentation via the customer portal.

With our Proof of Delivery module you can inform your customers about the status and progress of all transports. Simply Deliver stands for plug and play delivery management. Our robust solutions enable you to improve customer satisfaction.

Smeets Ferry
Logistics service provider Smeets Ferry has implemented a tool with which orders sent by e-mail no longer need to be manually typed.

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Logistics service provider Neele-Vat has found an automated solution for its order entry process that enables it to offer customers a higher level of service.

Read more about Neele-Vat

For their own fleet they have a good on-board computer solution, but for the rented fleet (which can be a long or short term rental) they had nothing. That’s why they were not able to offer 100% transparency to their customers!

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Our clients in the sector

Fast & automatic processing of your orders?


Integreer klantorders & centraliseer alle communicatie

100% visibility on the chain?


Track en trace order zending delivery

Want to give customers quick real-time insight?


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