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software solutions from quotation to invoicing

At Simply Deliver we want to support you in any step of your business cycle. We deliver software solutions from quotation to invoicing for the logistics industry. Our ecosystem is an end to end solution and made for any kind of company in the logistics industry. It is up to you whether you want one piece of the SaaS solution or the complete solution.

& Brokerage

Boost your commercial management

Finding the best routes for a transport request can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With our CRM & Offer Management module you can give your commercial management a boost. You automatically get routing options for the transport request, have a pro-active automated follow-up and get a 100% clear overview for all your sales activities.

CRM & Offer Module

With this all-in-one commercial management for the logistics market you can digitize your sales & CRM processes very quickly

Platform Connectivity

Seamless real-time data exchange with pricing platforms during every step of the business cycle so that you wont miss any chance of making more profit!

Contract Management

The commercial module makes the communication with your business partners very easy from the spot price requests to long term tender negotiations. Want to boost your sales?


Get a 100% efficiency, transparency in your order management and empower your customers!

You can’t force your customers or employee to work with one method for order entry. The perfect world doesn’t exist! You need to give them the right tools to create the seamless efficiency and transparency. At Simply Deliver, we provide the correct order management & planning tools that can automate any kind of process in any situation. Our plug & play modules provides, automated order entry (from any file to order, PDF, Word, Excel etc), state-of-the art beautifully designed customer portals or back office order management modules including lots of dynamic business rules so that you don’t need to worry about wrong or missing order data.

Order Management

Automate your order management and improve the efficiency of your organization. Want to know more

Customer Portal

Stop with old-fashioned communication and give your customers real-time insight. Learn more

Automated Order Entry

Say goodbye to manual actions and start converting orders automatically. Discover how

Capacity & Program Planning

Discover our fully web-driven, ready-to-use intermodal transport management system


Facilitate your operations

At Simply Deliver, we provide the best automation method & tools according to your work situation. Our goal is to reduce your workload as much as possible with as less as possible process change. Therefore we designed a state-of-art plan board and visibility module connected with the out side world with many different ways so that you can get the best data from your suppliers in the most simplest way.


Plan your intermodal rail and barge shuttles easily using our graphical interface Learn more

Supplier Portal (Terminal / LSP)

Start collaborating with your suppliers online and get more grip on your logistics. Learn how

Board Computer & POD

Mobile app, board computer or web links, we make sure that you get the data (location, milestones and many more) in the most easiest way. Get visibility

Platform Connectivity

Easy integration with tracking platforms for seamless real-time data exchange during every step of the business cycle. Connect now


Automate your invoicing

Perfect transportation can only be completed when you have a full control about profitability at any moment of the transportation. Therefore we designed an ecosystem that gives you the full control about the possible costs & revenues. Moreover, when the execution is completed, system automatically creates the customer invoices and also recognises the supplier invoices so that you don’t need to get lost in the emails, invoices…

Pre-Post Calculations

The only constant is the change in Transport! Therefore you need to know the total history of the cost & revenue calculation changes in order to secure your profitability. Learn more

Profit Analysis

Look into the profitability of a client, an individual order or a voyage any time needed with our Intermodal TMS

Automated Invoice Allocation

Stop wasting time with incoming invoice allocations. Let Simply Deliver to handle all invoice registrations and checks for the price against agreed contacts automatically for you! Learn how


Full invoicing functionality with automated follow-ups. Discover the functionalities

Connect, Collaborate
& Control

Intensify real-time information exchange

Start collaborating with supply chain parties via any communication channel possible (API, Web services, FTP, email etc) without any hassle! Our solid solutions make communicating with business partners very easy. Whether you are an intermodal operator or trucker, you can exchange information during every step of the business cycle. It provides a 100% self supporting tools to your daily business and reduces the support requirements minimum 50% for any communication issues!



closing the gap in the
logistics digitalisation

Our flexible software solutions enable customers to manage their entire logistics chain. From commercial and planning to transportation and invoicing. Therefore, we designed our ecosystem in a way that you can choose to have a complete Inter&Multi modal transport system, order management system or a single module which can be totally integrated into your existing applications. You can decide when, what and how!

I want to boost my efficiency

Simply Deliver software solutions



Intermodal operator Duisport Agency Polska (dpa Polska) plans & connects supply chain partners with Simply Deliver software solution.


primeRail takes intermodal transport to next level with SaaS platform Simply Deliver.


Van den Bosch
Service provider in bulk logistics Van den Bosch has improved its visibility platform using the cloud integration solution from Simply Deliver.


Logistics service provider Neele-Vat has found an automated solution for its order entry process that enables it to offer customers a higher level of service.


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