Automatic Order Entry (AOE)

for PDF, Word & Excel files
  • Create more efficiency in your organization
  • Process more orders with your current team
  • Minimize order lead time

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Say goodbye
to manual actions

In logistics, many PDF’s, Excel’s, Word-files with order, shipping, invoice information are still sent by e-mail. This information then has to be retyped into your own system. This manual data entry is a waste of time and money and also causes quality problems. This results in delays, unnecessary waiting times, mistakes in operation and leads to irritation for everyone in the chain. This can easily be prevented with Automatic Order Entry module.

Convert orders automatically

Simply Deliver has designed a powerful, cloud-based, plug & play Automatic Order Entry module that can receive any type of file (PDF, Excel & Word), recognize the content and convert the order data into an order in your system in seconds.

Increase your productivity

The order processing module helps you to work in an efficient and structured way by processing orders automatically. This gives your employees more time to focus on things that are really important to your business. Working with the Automatic Order Entry module increases customer satisfaction because your response time to customers about order & planning confirmation will increase tremendously!

How does it work?

Step 1: Upload your order

Simply drag your PDF, Excel and Word document into the Automatic Order Entry portal

Automatische Order Invoer

Step 2: Convert information automatically

Our solution will then recognize & process all transport order data


Step 3: Ready to be send

Your order data has been transferred automatically and ready to be send to your back office system


According to our customers, these are the most important perks of using the Automatic Order Entry Solution

  • “Really easy to use. In addition, the Automatic Order Entry module detects mistakes and sends us notifications, after which we can resolve these issues within a few mouse clicks.”
  • “The Automatic Order Entry solution recognizes many (hidden) transport order rules in our systems or our customers’ systems.”
  • “Whenever we raise a question or an issue, the customer service department from Simply Deliver reverts to us within an hour and solve our issues. Very helpful and plug & play”.

Reduce your costs today

Fully automate your processing so that manual data entry and retyping will be an history! This way, you save time and money by using fewer resources.

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Facts & Figures

  • Customer satisfaction increases by 30%
  • Team productivity increased by 75%
  • Return On Investment is on average 3 months
  • OnTimeInFull increase 25%
  • Reduction of penalties 20%

De Jong-Grauss Transport (JGT) wanted to further automate order entry without bothering customers. They found that in the AOI module.

View Case

Agro World Transport manually processed 7,000 orders per month. This is now done automatically with the Order Entry module. Read the case.

Read more

De Vries
De Vries Hallum receives a large flow of orders every day. With the AOI module, the company saves 60 hours per month on order processing.

Read more

Simply Deliver. Time to simplify.


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