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Our vision

At Simply Deliver we have seen that too many projects are delivered too complex, sometimes too expensive or too late. Whatever the reason, it leads to user disappointment and doesn’t help a business grow. What’s more, it’s not sustainable at all and that’s something that’s crucial to our business. Logistics IT has changed significantly over the past fifteen years.

Looking back on IT successes, we can recognize a certain pattern: the solution was always simple. Technology should help entrepreneurs to make a business run smoother, faster and simpler. And it should make you happy!

This is our goal and that’s why we call ourselves Simply Deliver.

Our mission statement

Simply Deliver is a solution for supply management.

It is much easier to use and customize than any  other alternative on the market. Simply Deliver wants to keep it simple. The latest technology is available for the best price per month. This allows logistics entrepreneurs to take advantage!

Our goal is to provide an affordable tracking platform that creates secure and transparent deliveries so you don’t have to worry when your valuable goods are on the move.

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