Logistics software
solutions for

logistic service providers,

shippers and carriers

I want to process my orders quickly & automatically

I want to get grip on the intermodal chain

I want to give my customers real-time insight

Your benefits. Time to simplify.

With Simply Deliver, you will have automated processes, reduced workload and increased productivity. You can quickly and easily get started with our different logistics software modules, with a minimal start-up fee.

We don’t use long-term contracts, but pay-as-use. Result is that you will reduce your costs per shipment by up to 30%!

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When looking at successful IT implementations, we can recognize a certain pattern: the solution is always easy to use. Technology should help you make your business run smoother and processes simplified. What’s more, the solution should make you, your employees and customers happy!

Simply Deliver offers with its logistics software modules practical solutions for complex logistics processes in which the user is always at the center of attention.

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Simply Deliver provides standard logistics software solutions that help you create complete transparency and efficiency in the supply chain. This cloud-based system ensures real-time traceability and supply chain visibility.

Set up and customize automated notifications. You can choose WhatsApp, email or SMS. That’s real-time pro-activity.

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The logistics industry ecosystem

Software solutions from quotation to invoicing.



Logistics is dynamic

The wishes of customers are constantly changing

The fulfillment of Service Level Agreements presents the planning, drivers and charters with the necessary challenges. Drivers have to do more and more and people simply cannot remember everything.

As a result, many companies work with board computers. An expensive, not user-friendly and inflexible solution. How can you keep control of your fleet and keep communication with owner-operators and charters flowing? How do you keep demanding customers, planners and drivers happy? Easy. Make the jump from on-board computer to Driver-App platform.


You only pay when and what you use

Simply Deliver helps you to optimize (logistic) processes against an affordable investment.

We want to show that IT companies are committed and can charge reasonable prices, because you start with low start-up costs and only pay afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

Fast onboarding

Our standard modules are custom designed for your needs and ready for use within a few weeks


Use only one of our modules or the fully integrated packages

Cloud based

No worries about availability, scalability and security

Easy integration

Our modules are very easy to integrate with other systems

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