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Supply Chain Control

Total solution for
100% visibility

In logistics, many software products are available. But many of them only solve part of a problem. Particularly in the first or last mile, tracking and on-time delivery are often not in covered 100%.

You are free to choose any module of Simply Deliver to fill in the missing elements in your existing chain. The modules you can choose are Customer Web Portal, TMS, Charter Portal and Track & Trace. With these innovative modules you will have 100% control over the supply chain for an affordable price.

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Customer Portal for Transport & Logistics companies

Give your customers the control

Simply Deliver’s Customer Portal integrates all orders, documentation and track & trace information into one easy-to-use dashboard. This way you give your customers control and overview. Discover the advantages and efficiency of handling everything ‘online’.


Automate your
logistical operation

Start by simplifying and automating time-consuming and error-prone work. Excel planning is a thing of the past. Your dispatchers can concentrate on efficient planning and increased customer satisfaction. They no longer have to worry about the many administrative actions.

Supply Chain Control

100% Visibility with our Supply Chain Software

100% Visibility on the Chain

1. Connectivity with Driver App

  • Real-time insight during
    the transport
  • Less manual data entry by the driver
  • Minimum data usage
  • Customised mile-stone information
  • Digital POD
  • In compliance with GDPR

2. Connectivity with Board Computer

  • Real-time insight during the transport
  • No installation
  • No manual data entry by the driver
  • No extra cost for the driver
  • In compliance with GDPR

3. Visibility during the Transport

  • Location data every 5 min
  • Constant ETA calculation
  • Milestone information
  • Operational Information (loaded goods, temperatures etc)
  • Notifications (delay, non-conformity, pickup, delivery, etc)

4. After Delivery

  • Tracking stops
  • Delivery confirmation via email
  • Survey
  • Performance Analyse

Simply Deliver. Time to simplify.

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Charter Portal


With the Charter Portal you can easily assign transports to charters. In the portal charters can accept orders and prices. Via their board computers or the Simply Deliver POD/drivers app they can report on real-time location, status and progress.

Supply Chain Control
Track & Trace

Start now with
real-time tracking

Simply Deliver offers an advanced digital Proof of Delivery app. All-in-one mobile solution for effective and efficient real-time tracking and delivery confirmation. You can also use it as route planning software to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and reliability of your deliveries.

your way of working

Simply Deliver gives you the tools to create a fully transparent supply chain. You are free to choose any module of Simply Deliver to fill the gaps in your supply chain to achieve 100% visibility.

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Facts & Figures

  • Manage exceptions
  • Autonomous actions by Geo-fencing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time ETA calculation with live traffic information
  • WhatsApp and SMS integration

Van Den Bosch
Service provider in bulk logistics Van den Bosch has improved its visibility platform using the cloud integration solution from Simply Deliver.

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Smeets Ferry
Logistics service provider Smeets Ferry has implemented a tool with which orders sent by e-mail no longer need to be manually typed.

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