Intermodal Transport Management

Tightening the grip on your intermodal chain
  • Process orders easily
  • Automatically exchange transport data
  • Communicate in real-time with supply chain partners

Intermodal Transport Managent
Fully autonomous & automated

As an intermodal operator, you seek connectivity across all statuses with terminals and want to manage your capacity and slots in real-time. With our Intermodal TMS, you will know if your cargo has arrived on time and if your train is being loaded according to plan. Moreover, you can see in a clear dashboard if your cargo has not been released. Customers are informed directly so that they can take action, ensuring that the cargo and train depart according to plan.

Automatic data exchange ensures efficiency and increases the occupancy rate of your trains. Make your intermodal services accessible to the market with real-time integrations.


As an intermodal forwarder, you want to easily calculate the cheapest and fastest routes. Track the status of all your intermodal activities in a clear dashboard. Receive proactive notifications when intermodal connections are at risk of failing and easily book the cargo on another train or truck. Falling behind on events is a thing of the past with our Intermodal TMS.

Start with control, service, reliability, and work on the profitability of your intermodal activities. With fewer administrative tasks, modal shift becomes child’s play.


Intermodal TMS

Control your supply chain

Gain simplicity, speed, and transparency. This fully web-based transport management system has a control dashboard with automatic planning and communication.

Multimodal route planning

Thanks to our multimodal route calculator, you get the best options in terms of cost, transit time, and CO2 consumption, including margin calculations.

Maximum occupancy

With our modules for planning, slot management, and automatic dispatch, you achieve maximum occupancy of available capacity and minimize erroneous cargo.

Inland connectivity

Over 30 intermodal terminals and 15 intermodal operators are already connected. Exchange orders and statuses with them fully automated.

Track & trace

Real-time information exchange means complete visibility into all chain movements. This allows you to plan, book, and manage service levels quickly and efficiently.

Proactive steering

The intermodal control dashboard provides proactive alerts, allowing you to easily and quickly steer and provide automatic updates to chain partners.

Process view & architecture

Customer Portal

Booking entry, status & slot tracking, documents, non-conformities and invoicing.

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