CRM & Offer Management

Boost your sales efficiency
  • Create quotes quickly and easily
  • Automatically follow up on quotes
  • Centralize all sales activities

“It is pleasant working with a proactive IT supplier and in early 2022 we want to further expand this collaboration with the implementation of other modules.”

William Veneboer
Sluyter Logistics

Stop using multiple software toolings

CRM & Offer Management for the Logistics sector
Are you still using different software toolings to manage your logistic quotations (road or intermodal ftl/ltl) and support the sales (CRM) proces to get fast results? This way of working creates an inefficient quotation proces, inefficient overview and also results in delay’s, double offerings, forgotten followups, unnecessary mistakes and loosing business to the competition who is on top of the proces with high speed reaction time to increase sales succes rates. Switching between different applications which do not support the logistic offering proces on the most efficient way is time consuming and tires your sales force and results.

All-in-one commercial management

Start digitizing sales & CRM processes

The CRM & Offer Management module of Simply Deliver is the hubspot for the logistics market. You automatically get routing options for the transport request, have a pro-active automated follow-up and get a 100% clear overview for all your sales activities.

4 easy steps

How does it work?

Step 1

Enter origin & destination

The process starts with filling in the origin and destination of the goods.

Step 2

Select one of the suggested routes

Based upon your query the system calculates automatically the cheapest, fastest and most environmental friendly intermodal / multi- modal alternatives.

Step 3

Send offer

Send your offer to the client within one mouse click and the system creates automated follow-up for you.

Step 4

Customer accepts offer

By accepting the offer it becomes automatically a contract and the order will also be created directly in your backoffice system or our state-of-the-art transport management system including customer portal.

Simply Deliver. Time to simplify.



Logistics Offer Management
  • Automatic route proposals
  • Inter & Multi-modal routings
  • Margin Analysis
  • Win-chance suggestions
  • Automated sales follow-up & Mail-tracking
  • Working with PTV -> automatic maut calculation
  • Zone / Postcode definition
  • Sales funnel analyses (target / planned / realized)
  • Win-chance
  • Prospect behavior analyses
CRM Activities
  • Customer analyses
  • (e) Visits / Phone calls / Meetings
  • Calendar Connectivity
  • Microsoft Office & Google G-Suite integration
Integrated with
  • Client portal
  • Automatic Order Entry
  • Direct Booking creation
    (Commercial Booking -> Operational Booking)

Your options

Working with excel & email
  • Flexible
  • Easy to copy & paste
  • No overview
  • No reporting & central dashboard
  • Possible to make mistakes easily due copy paste
  • No up-to-date cost pricing
Working with CRM only
  • To-do / Task management
  • Integrated emailing
  • Reporting possibility only for CRM activities
  • No logistics & Intermodal pricing logic
  • No routing option
  • No KM & Maut calculation
Working with Offer module only
  • Mainly focusing on group-age / full load
  • Central place for all offers / costs
  • Reporting possibilities only for offers
  • No CRM functions
Working with Simply Commercial Module
  • All-in-one solution for all the pluses mentioned above. Flexibility of the excel & email, task driven management of the CRM and totally integrated logistics focused offer calculation.
  • Fast reaction time and automated follow-up functions helping you to fastly negotiate and close the deal.
  • Learn from missed opportunities to change your pricing rules related to big data analysis. (real-time win-chance tips by the system)
  • Integrated with our or your customer portal. Public price calculator via your public website.

Make your
sales smarter

With our CRM & Offer Management solution you can analyse all data and make smarter sales decisions. Your sales and account managers can focus on the right prospects and present the best solutions.


At a glance

  • Integrated CRM & Offer Management
  • Hubspot for the logistics market
  • Automated routing options
  • Automated sales follow-up activities
  • Enabling Agile-Driven sales

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