Intermodal operator Duisport Agency Polska (dpa Polska) plans & connects supply chain partners with Simply Deliver software solution.

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Intermodal operator dpa Polska manages a vast network of supply chain partners including, customers, terminal operators, rail carriers. How do you plan and incorporate all these intermodal connections together in an easy to use platform where one can easily plan, control and exchange data for On-time delivery?

Simply Deliver provided an Intermodal Transport Management System that gives dpa Polska and its supply chain partners real-time, planning, control and insight into the progress of container transports and allows them to automatically exchange data 24/7. Now dpa Polska is able to grow, extend their network and Service Levels with less effort!

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What are the results?

  • An easy to use and fully automated cloud based Intermodal Transport Management platform where all bookings are automatically processed, planned and communicated
  • Full intermodal visibility and the opportunity for partners to anticipate directly on changes & requests without using email or phone
  • Hundreds of partners (i.e., Intermodal operators, terminals, customers and subcontractors) and new and easy onboarding process
  • Reduced lead times and more grip on expected arrival times
  • Data does not need to be entered manually, saving stakeholders lots of time
  • A smooth and seamless ‘go live process’ in one month and a half

Containers are handled quickly and efficiently via multimodal hubs for freight transport and logistics. For the best logistic performance, hundreds of companies within the network have to work closely together with seamless connections in terms of planning. Simply Deliver has provided a automatic intermodal planning & visibility solution that gives dpa Polska, a subsidiary of the Duisburger Hafen AG, and its supply chain partners real-time insight into the progress of container transports and allows them to automatically exchange data 24/7. This enables then to anticipate directly on changes & request to optimize ON-Time delivery. Duisburger Hafen AG (Duisport) is the operator of Europe’s biggest inland port and logistics hinterland hub.

dpa Polska works on logistic solutions of the future. For its successful rail connection between Duisburg & Poland and vice versa, the company was looking for a modern ICT solution that supports efficient planning and exchange of data. As an intermodal operator DPA has to manage a whole network of subcontractors and chain partners. That network consists of customers, terminal operators, rail carriers; this means a lot of stakeholders are involved with whom DPA has to exchange transport data. Rail transport between Duisburg and Poland has increased considerably in recent years, in large part as a result of the booming Silk Road between China and Europa.


dpa Polska was therefore looking for an IT vendor that automates planning and brings all intermodal connections together in one platform with plug & play interfaces for easy data exchange. The IT system of Simply Deliver offers a visibility solution that allows companies to oversee and manage the entire intermodal supply chain. Data no longer need to be entered manually, which saves a lot of time on both sides. In addition, all information are available in real time. Companies are getting notified if there is a delay in the process and they are able to immediately reschedule and rebook the subsequent transport stage. It reduces lead times and maximizes grip on expected arrival times.


The configuration of the standard software package was implemented in only one and a half month. Jörg Banholzer, Chief New Technology Officer at Duisburger Hafen AG: “It worked as planned, the basic version of the system and first automated interfaces were available, so we were able to immediately benefit from the efficiency gains.” In the meantime, the Simply Deliver team kept on optimizing the standard system and provide dpa Polska with the fully automated intermodal transport management system it needs. This means that the bookings are automatically recorded in the system, planned to intermodal schedules and the communication with the terminals, rail partners and customers is then carried out in a correspondingly digital manner. An enormous increase in efficiency in the work process for all involved.

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