CUSTOMER CASE  | 16th November 2020

Van den Bosch improves transport
visibility with cloud integration solution

Improved visibility platform

Service provider in bulk logistics Van den Bosch has improved its visibility platform using the cloud integration solution from Simply Deliver. Customers can now also track the progress of transport orders outsourced to charters that only occasionally drive for Van den Bosch. The link built by visibility specialist Simply Deliver for this purpose is working to full satisfaction, says chief digital officer Pirke van den Elsen.

“High quality service and safe, reliable transport processes, that’s what clients in the food and chemical industry demand of us,” says Van den Elsen. “We distinguish ourselves with an extensive transport network that covers the whole of Europe and parts of Africa. We do this with our own transport fleet, a fixed group of charters and fully committed to intermodal transport.
Where necessary, we work with regional subcontractors or charters that we can deploy for specific jobs. Our customers don’t have to worry about that and can rely on the same high quality of service everywhere”.

"The people of Simply Deliver have a broad knowledge of the
sector. Because of this they are able to develop plugs that
be compatible with all common systems"

Pirke van den ElsenChief Digital Officer bij Van de Bosch
Advanced services

Van den Bosch profiles itself as a data-driven company that invests heavily in digitisation. “This enables us to serve customers better and offer new services in areas such as CO2 reduction. The logistics service provider also strives for the highest level of visibility. Both the company’s own trucks and those of the fixed charters are equipped with standard on-board computers, measuring equipment and telematics systems. These are linked to the self-developed FreightInsight platform on which customers can see where their goods are located and what the expected arrival times are. Van den Elsen: “Approximately fifteen percent of the total volume, however, is transported by non-integrated charters. Because they work with different types of ICT and telematics systems, accessing this information was always very difficult”.

Flexible partner who understands business

Van den Bosch found the solution to this integration problem at Simply Deliver, specialist in visibility and cloud integration solutions for the transport sector. “We were looking for a flexible party that understands our business and was able to think along with us in our needs. Large ICT suppliers often want to sell their complete system to you, but we didn’t need that. We had one specific problem and wanted the best solution; a ‘plug’ that could seamlessly connect the multitude of systems in our charters to our own system. The people at Simply Deliver have a lot of industry knowledge and were able to provide just the right solution, one that is fully compatible with all types of on-board computers”.

Netflix for the transport sector

As an added benefit he mentions that Simply Deliver offers the software as a cloud integration solution so you don’t have any implementation costs but only pay for use. Software as a service, or SaaS for short. “I am a great supporter of SaaS,” says Van den Elsen. “SaaS makes it enormously easier for companies to take new software into use. I sometimes compare it with Netflix. If you could only take out a ten-year subscription there and have to pay the full amount in advance in one go, few would do so. I see the same thing in business where a lot of great ideas fail because companies don’t want to bear the high initial costs of the associated software”.

Pleasant cooperation

The cloud integration solution from Simply Deliver has now been fully deployed at Van den Bosch and is working to full satisfaction. Van den Elsen: “The first charters are now connected and it works perfectly. He also liked the cooperation with the company Simply Deliver, he says. “We are a large company and generally work with larger ICT suppliers. At Simply Deliver you can spar directly with the managing director-owner, and that’s very pleasant with these kinds of specific applications, I’ve noticed. Because of those short lines of communication you can quickly make appointments. At the same time, there’s an experienced club with good people behind it who ensure that what you meet is also followed up very professionally”.

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