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Sluyter Logistics

Sluyter Logistics case in summary

  • The logistics service provider wants to keep innovating
  • A lot of time is lost manually entering orders. Automatic conversion is the solution
  • Short lines with Simply Deliver team are highly valued
  • Commercial module gives the sales department a boost
  • Transparent and real-time communication with customers about CO2 emissions

“It is pleasant working with a proactive IT supplier and in early 2022 we want to further expand this collaboration with the implementation of other modules.”

William VeneboerSluyter Logistics

Sluyter Logistics began 95 years ago in Rotterdam as a moving company with a horse and cart. With the growing port just a couple miles away, the company soon went to work as a port transporter. The love for transport has always remained and Sluyter Logistics has grown into a full-service logistic provider with branches throughout the Netherlands, 375 employees and 300 units on the road daily.

Simply Deliver spoke with Account Manager William Veneboer about the developments within the company and his view of the future: “The common thread within logistics is dynamism. Everything is going faster and faster, and you have to keep innovating, especially in the field of IT. Customers demand flexibility. To be able to deliver that, you have to keep moving as a logistics service provider and constantly look at how you can organize your processes more efficiently.

We were looking for an IT supplier who thinks innovatively and who could help us speed up our processes. For example, the manual entry of orders is a big burden on us. So much time is wasted. Entering orders manually is also at the expense of quality control.”

Short lines

“When we started talking to Simply Deliver, they immediately came up with the Automatic Order Entry module. We were immediately excited about that. With this tooling, we can automatically convert orders that come in via email to orders in our system. We now have five clients live and things are going well. Last week over 300 orders were processed through this solution and that is heading towards 1,500 before the end of the year. Of course, sometimes a certain data field is not mapped during scanning, but we can easily adjust this ourselves. During the implementation, we received training to be able to set everything up ourselves. It is a very user-friendly module. If guidance is needed, or we have limited time, the Simply Deliver team is always there for us immediately, and it is solved in no time. It is these short lines of communication that we appreciate about each other,” says William.


Simply Deliver provides an ecosystem of logistics software solutions from quotation to invoicing. Sluyter Logistics believes in combining multiple modules that can easily communicate with each other. William explains why they also chose the commercial module of Simply Deliver: “With the CRM & Offer Management module, we have recorded all price agreements with customers online. This year we will not be able to avoid price increases and with this module we can easily apply this indexation in one go. Until recently we had to collect everything manually and send it to the customer one by one by e-mail. Now we can do that with one push of a button. This saves an enormous amount of time.”

“In addition, the commercial module is also ideal for quickly calculating various routes and prices. Our sales department can clearly issue quotations with several alternatives. Productivity has increased enormously: we can follow up on quotations, give advice and serve customers faster. Besides email, communication also runs through the new customer portal in our own house style. Customers can log in here and enter orders, monitor transport statuses and calculate tariff requests.”

Ambitious goals

And that’s not all. Sluyter Logistics is extremely ambitious and wants to serve its customers to the best of its ability. Sustainability is an important pillar within the strategy of the logistics service provider and its customers. The goal is to climb further in the Top 100 Logistics Service Providers (now 55), which is strongly influenced by the degree of sustainability. William concludes: “That means not only investing in greener and electric vehicles, but also communicating transparently and in en real-time and in real time about CO2 emissions and setting targets in this regard. With Simply Deliver we have a solution with which reliable shipment information can be exchanged transparently with the customer. The innovative and flexible modules of Simply Deliver enable us to accelerate as an organization. We can proactively make processes more efficient and prevent possible mistakes. It is pleasant working with a decisive IT supplier, and in early 2022 we want to further expand this collaboration with the rollout of other modules.”


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