Order Management System

Simply Deliver’s Order Management system enables you to have a single-point-of-contact for your shipments. By having a SPOC, you’ll be enabled to shorten the communication line and reduce the cost. A real-time insight to your logistical process will be provided. Thanks to our real-time pro-active notifications, relevant person in the chain will not be only informed with the necessary information, will also be guided to the right screen / function with a click in order to tackle the obstacle. You can say farewell to old fashioned notifications and welcome to the future’s to-the-point exception handling!

We all know that there are many software products available for logistics. And we also know that many of them only solve a part of the problem. A common one is, how to handle tracking & on-time deliveries for the first-mile or last-mile operations.
Simply Deliver’s order management system provides you the key to have a complete transparent supply chain. You are free to choose any module of Simply Deliver to fill-in the gaps in order to reach 100% visibility in your supply chain.