As measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic affect all parts of our lives, we struggle to adapt to the situation. Given the constraints imposed by social distancing our economy has been impacted, especially in logistics. This creates a challenging time for many entrepreneurs.  

As a socially responsible company, we decided to make our contribution in helping them. Therefore, we would like to give %50 discount for our POD cloud-platform solutions (cloud based, plug&play, contact-free logistics solution) for 2 months.

How to redeem your free access?

  1. Register to our platform via this link
  2. Send your registration details to us via email
  3. We’ll give you the discount code
  4. Activate your account from the activation email
  5. Enter your discount code on the payment page
  6. Enjoy the plug&play, contactless logistics.

Who is this for? Can I share?

This is for folks who are new to our platform, or folks who have tried our app in the past and let their trials end without subscribing. So yes, please feel free to share with anyone you think could benefit.

To Our Paying Subscribers: Thank you for being you. You’re the people who are keeping the lights on in our (virtual) office, you’re keeping 14 people employed in the middle of hard times, and you’re making this platform’s continued existence possible. If we were in a position to give all of you an extra month or two of free access, we would. Perhaps someday we’ll get to a position where we can. In the meantime, we’ll just do whatever we can to make this app as good as we can possibly make it.