Where is your data?

Data Security and Privacy is the most important thing in today’s business. That’s why we choose the work with the best partners in this area! Our cloud servers are hosted on the Worlds’ leading data center, EQUINIX and supported by Europe’s leading managed service company, BASEFARM. Both companies have the required security ISO certificates and have been operating in this area many years. Our main cloud instance is located in EQUINIX – AMS2 and backup instances are in BASEFARM – OSLO.

You can find further information about both companies below.

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Our SLA results 

Month Uptime (%) See full report
October, 2018 99.16 SLA Report October 2018
Nobember, 2018 99.94 SLA Report November 2018
December, 2018 99.76 SLA Report December 2018
January, 2019 99.96 SLA Report January 2019
February, 2019 99.98 SLA Report February 2019
March, 2019 99.99 SLA Report March 2019
April, 2019 99.99 SLA Report April 2019
May, 2019 99.99 SLA Report May 2019
June, 2019 100 SLA Report June 2019
July, 2019 100 SLA Report July 2019