NEWS | August 2nd, 2018

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of Delivery

“Avis de reception” meaning “Service of guaranteed delivery” is a method to establish the fact that the recipient received the content sent by the sender. First proof of delivery service was in 1917 for a post from Melbourne to Mexico. (Wikipedia)

It has evolved in time and it has turned into “digital signature”; yet I believe it’s obsolete! Don’t get me wrong, it was a significant innovation then but not anymore as many consumers are complaining about wrong deliveries, the packages dumped to their neighbors or wrong delivery notifications. That’s why a digital signature is so outdated and does not help to solve the problem!

Is there any solution without high investment? The answer is simply YES!

For instance; the receiver can sign the delivery from his/her own phone! Voilâ, you have the proof that the shipment has been delivered to the right person. Or autonomous signature thanks to geofencing and location matching. Another way, the receiver can authorize someone else to sign the POD on behalf.

Sounds complex and expensive?

All you need is the receiver`s mobile phone number and a smartphone! I assume you already have both ?

At Simply Deliver, we provide these out-of-the-box solutions so that you can have safe & sound deliveries for your in-valuables at an affordable price.

Want to know more, tell us what you are looking for…

Osman Akdemir

Founder, Simply Deliver

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