TransMission opts for highest service level with the Driver-App


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TransMission in summary

  • A high service level is top priority
  • Quick proof of concept
  • Thorough integration with TransMission system
  • More than 400 drivers live
  • In addition to the Driver-App also a cross-dock App
  • Always real-time insight
  • Drivers get a trip list via device
  • Customer service is relieved
  • Customers have maximum control

“There are already 400 drivers live and they don't want to return the devices with the Driver-App. They find the app convenient to use due to its user-friendly interface, featuring large buttons and a comprehensive overview. All the necessary information is easily accessible on a single screen.”

Erwin RongeTransMission

TransMission is the largest partnership of independent transport and distribution companies in the Benelux. With more than 800 network cars and 14 depots, TransMission arranges 24-hour deliveries, returns and subsequent deliveries from parcels to pallets including the complete packaging handling and cross-docking. Every day, the TransMission companies process around 20,000 specific shipments for a large group of diverse customers.

A high service level is top priority at TransMission for before, during and after transport. To be able to provide that service, it is essential that TransMission always knows the status of each shipment. Where is a package in the process? When was the shipment delivered? For this, the barcode must be scanned during cross-docking and upon delivery. This includes loading scans, unloading scans, delivery scans and arrival scans. Upon receipt, a signature is given and photos are taken.

IT Manager Erwin Ronge takes us back to the challenge they faced: “Until recently, we had a POD and scanning app that ran on Windows CE. At some point, the hardware was out of support. Changes were difficult to implement because the knowledge of the software was no longer available. Then we were forced to look for a new solution. We started looking at the possibilities in the market and ended up with a few parties. Ultimately two remained, one of which was Simply Deliver. One of the TransMission partners already used the Driver-App as a replacement for an onboard computer.”

Quick proof

of concept

Erwin expresses his enthusiasm in collaborating with Simply Deliver, praising the organization’s flexibility and quick responsiveness to network requests. He also appreciates the employees’ remarkable problem-solving skills and highlights their ability to adapt processes seamlessly during the proof-of-concept phase. That’s the advantage of a standard app where all service levels and controls can be flexible and easily set up. Implementation went smoothly as well, especially with the integration with our central Transmission system. From this environment, we connect to the various TMS systems of our collaborative partners. That’s really the power of standards.”

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The Driver-App is now a must-have for drivers

The Driver-App is designed like a real app. It has the ergonomics that users are used to from consumer apps. Simply download and start using it right away. “ There are already 400 drivers live, and they don’t want to return the devices with the Driver-App. They find the app convenient to use due to its user-friendly interface, featuring large buttons and a comprehensive overview. All the necessary information is easily accessible on a single screen. They find it easy to use. It is the large buttons and the overview that appeal to them. You simply have all the information in one screen”. Although the user manual is available, they don’t need it. Furthermore, the integrated driver app functions, combined with the cross-dock process, make the system efficient and user-friendly. Erwin is thrilled to report that the cross-dock process has also been optimized.”

Always real-time insight

Erwin is particularly pleased with the grip they have on the service: “We now have real-time access to accurate data, allowing us to provide more reliable services. We have also become more flexible and can easily set up and add functionalities. It is a cloud-based solution, so we don’t have to worry about updates. TransMission now has real-time insight into all packages in the logistics network process. We know where they are and what the status is. With every change in status, the customer is informed immediately, including proof of delivery.”

Discover the Driver-App

Many more

With the App, TransMission has optimal visibility, real-time control, and user-friendly management of collects & deliveries. Yet the app can do so much more according to Edwin: “One of the things that provides an overview is the route list via the device. In the morning, drivers are given a device with all the trips sorted on it. The moment a package is delivered, it is removed from the list. What I also find very useful are the specific actions that can be assigned per address and product. We can also register, handle packaging and do 18+ deliveries with the Driver-App. That makes it really easy for drivers. With the Driver-App, we at TransMission are ready for the future. Planners can easily track the progress of the drivers. And drivers can work more efficiently. With real-time information, customer services are relieved, and shippers are always informed of the progress. We can provide maximum control and service.”

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