NEWS | October 24th, 2017

Time to Simplify!


Logistics is just a line between two dots on the map, so why would logistics IT be a complex, a slow or an expensive solution? That question keeps me busy since I’ve started implementing IT solutions for logistics companies fifteen years ago. The time has come to put an end to such waste. But it’s now time to start something new: Simply Deliver. In my career, I have seen too many projects becoming too complex, sometimes too expensive or delivered too late. Whatever the reason was, it led to user disappointment and of course, it did not help a business to grow. Moreover, it was not helpful at all in trying to create a sustainable world, which absolutely central for our purpose-driven company.

Helping or blocking your future growth?

During the last fifteen years, I’ve implemented a number projects successfully. Looking back at that period I can recognize a certain pattern in those successes: the solution was simple. Occasionally I intentionally chose not to develop certain functionalities. I realize that the real reason why many logistics IT projects fail is because they are becoming too complex. Or users expect that an isolated IT system is capable of solving all their challenges, even those that will occur only once every ten years! Just think of that. Is that really what your business needs? Will that complex solution help your company to grow or will it block its growth in the future?

Logistics IT should make an entrepreneur happy

Logistics IT has significantly changed during last fifteen years. Not just the technology, but my experience and my vision on IT has also changed. Technology should enhance entrepreneurs to run a business smoother, to accelerate and to simplify it. It should also make you happy. And this is a purpose of Simply Deliver.

Delivery management app

Simply Deliver is a delivery management app. It is much easier to use and to customize it that any other available tool in the market. The app has also various smart features like automatically generated deliveries at an affordable price!

Take a stand against ubernization

I hope that Simply Deliver will lead to launching new businesses. I also hope that existing companies, small and medium size, will consider the app as a powerful tool to enable them to work effectively and make more profits. Currently, it is not that simple. Even Uber wants to get into a logistics industry. I definitely appreciate how this company makes a very clever use of technology, but … they are not working towards a sustainable future for businesses. The fees, which is about 20 to 25% for using their platform, are way too high. The same goes for Airbnb and Booking. Simply Deliver wants to keep it simple. The latest technology is available for a fixed price per month. This allows logistics entrepreneurs to prove themselves and to find their own way to become successful. If you make more revenues, than you will have more profits, your Simply Deliver subscription is not associated with it.

Working toward sustainable future

Simply Deliver helps SMEs to stand against big companies. The app also supports entrepreneurs to focus on the environment in a best possible way, thus impacting our children’s future as well.

Does this seem impossible?

Just try it. You only need 2 minutes to take your logistics IT to the next level!

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