NEWS | February 19th, 2019

Still using the ancient tools?


IT has evolved incredibly in the last 2 decades. Especially mobile phones with touch screen have changed the way we buy things, gather information and process our work! Yet B2B applications have not caught up with the consumer market! I know that’s not as easy but being 10 years behind the current state is not good for B2B market!!! I’m talking about being mobile friendly, 24/7 accessibility, cloud, social media integration ( WhatsApp, listening to your employees and customers with integrated feedback functions) real-time push notifications etc…
B2B does not have these tools or it costs too much money and time to implement! Maybe an idea to stop with duct taping and start thinking about real modularity?
Am I being nonsense? Okay, here are some facts to open your eyes to see the change is happening.
According to the KPI report 2019 by Wolfgang Digital;
  • 53% of the buying traffic happens on mobile which is 32% of the overall revenue. If you want to dive in, In retail this number goes to 57%
  • High performing sites are better in attracting users!
  • According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report “recommendations from people I know” is the most trusted message!
Why have I written this? Well, I want you to know that in such a short time, social channels, instant business agreements will be all part of our daily life in B2B! And you should be ready for that in a short time and at a reasonable price! I know how to achieve it and have already done it for some companies… If you want to hear, please get in touch!
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