Staalduinen Logistics achieves continuity in order processing


Staalduinen Logistics

Staalduinen case in summary

  • Orders from medium-sized customers were still entered manually
  • A lot of valuable time was lost
  • Shortage on the labour market demanded a smart solution
  • AOI module live within a few weeks
  • Enormous reduction in order processing times
  • 90% of all orders now converted automatically

“Delays in order processing are now in the past. That gives so much peace of mind and confidence in the department.”

Natascha van StaalduinenStaalduinen Logistics

Staalduinen Logistics specializes in the storage, transport, and logistics of liquids, such as lubricants, liquid fertilizers and AdBlue. As a niche player, the company supplies customers in Western Europe with over 80 tankers. The products are unloaded in part-batch at car garages, filling stations, market gardeners and sea-going vessels.

When a company has been active for over 100 years, it is clear that it is doing something right. Continuously improving processes and unburdening customers by offering the best possible solution for their logistics issues. Day in, day out. This includes great IT solutions. Staalduinen Logistics receives orders from large clients automatically via EDI systems. For medium-sized clients, until recently all orders were received by e-mail and entered manually. This meant that a lot of valuable time was lost.

Tight labor

Business Development Coordinator Natascha van Staalduinen took us back to the challenge: “We have noticed a tendency for people not to find cutting, pasting and retyping of order information interesting work anymore. Moreover, these activities are error-prone. In this tight labor market, as a company you are looking for solutions that can eliminate this manual work. Especially at times of peak load when order processing is delayed. Establishing EDI connections with customers is not always easy, it costs time and money. With Simply Deliver’s plug-and-play tooling, we were able to get started quickly.”

Unique solution
in the market

The Automatic Order Entry Order Entry module is a proven solution and has already been implemented at over 30 logistics companies. Every day, tens of thousands of order lines are processed automatically with this module. Using standard integrations, you quickly and completely convert orders into order data in TMS and WMS systems. The implementation process always begins with the correct reading of the orders that are submitted. Each customer order has its own peculiarities, such as the unique structure of a PDF document. For example, certain information is often in the same place in a customer order.


Natascha van Staalduinen:

“The nice thing about Simply Deliver is that they can start with the implementation within a few weeks. If you want to achieve results quickly, the Automatic Order Entry module is a great solution.”

Fast results

“The nice thing about Simply Deliver is that they can start implementing within a few weeks. If you want to achieve results quickly, the Automatic Order Entry module is a great solution. Converting PDF files to orders in your system is really a unique solution. The system is easy to set up. Simply Deliver sets up 10 customer templates and teaches the team how to do it. If there are questions or changes that need to be made, the Simply Deliver team always responds quickly. Once the correct order information automatically enters the correct field in our RoadRunner TMS, order processing runs like clockwork. Delays in order processing are now truly a thing of the past. That gives the department so much peace of mind and confidence,” says Natascha enthusiastically.

Discover the AOE-module

Faster order 

Staalduinen has now been live for a few months with the first 10 customers and another 14 will follow. Already, the time taken to process orders has dropped from 2 hours to half an hour a day. Natascha explains: “That’s just a huge win for us. With the tooling we are already saving one working day a week. I expect that saving to double in the coming months. Especially at peak times, it is great that the system takes over the manual work. Even when your regular planner is on vacation, everything just keeps going. It offers us continuity as a company. You see that the planners, who were skeptical at first, now fully embrace the system. They have more time to make the best possible planning, which in turn makes the customers happy. We now convert 90% of our orders automatically and we assume that this will be 95% by the end of the year.”

to EDI

Staalduinen Logistics is also going to use the Automatic Order Entry module for feedback to customers. The large oil customers also want to receive the status and feedback reports electronically via EDI. Natascha explains: “Our current TMS and WMS system can only handle a standard .xml file format of

Instead, the customer wants to receive it in a specific EDI format. With the Simply Deliver module, we can now also send back status information in any format. This keeps the customer up-to-date and satisfied. That saves us a lot of emails and phone calls. With the Automatic Order Entry module, exchanging data is so much more efficient.”

Discover the AOI-module

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