NEWS | 16th November 2020

Smeets Ferry saves tons by automating order entry process

Logistics service provider Smeets Ferry has implemented a tool with which orders sent by e-mail no longer need to be manually typed. The Cloud-based Simply Converter from supplier Simply Deliver automatically converts various document types such as PDF’s, Excel’s, or Word-files to the order management system of Smeets. “Just seeing how much time and failure costs this saves us, that really runs into the barrel,” says CEO Laurens Smeets. “And what’s just as important is that it provides peace of mind for our people, who can offer much more added value as a result”.

Smeets Ferry, specialized in transport between the European continent and the United Kingdom, receives more than 100,000 transport orders annually. For a number of large customers these are automatically shot in via an EDI connection, but the majority of the orders come in via e-mail, accompanied by a pdf, Excel or Word file. “We can ask customers to deliver an order in a standardized way for us, but they often don’t feel like it at all. This does not have any priority at all in their IT department”.

Smeets Ferry has more than 850 customers, so making an EDI connection with everyone is not an option and would be far too expensive. It would also take a lot of time for customers, including testing. According to him, the converter is therefore the perfect solution. “You define your standard order and then set up a template for each customer with various checks and enrichment tools with which his documents are automatically processed and entered into our system from now on. You build an automatic link, as it were, while the customer can continue to send his orders in his own way”.

The ideal solution for us

The solution was found in the Simply Converter, a Cloud based plug & play solution that automatically transfers orders in any format to the order management system with which Smeets controls its operation. “This is really an ideal solution for us. “Previously, we had two people entering full-time orders with us and, inevitably, there were regular typing errors. The smallest mistake could have major consequences. Entering a reference number incorrectly before loading can cause a driver to be delayed for hours at a location. As a result, onward journeys are also delayed and people are busy reschedule and dealing with irritated customers all day long. With the converter we can significantly reduce these failure costs. We create peace of mind and make more useful use of our people. They can be involved in optimizing trips and preventing empty kilometers. What we save in this way probably runs into tons and leads to greater customer and staff satisfaction”.

Logistics market ready for plug&play

The Simply Converter is one of the solutions from the supply chain software suite of supplier Simply Deliver. This young Dutch company delivers a wide range of cloud solutions for both shippers and logistics service providers that are easy to use plug & play. “We firmly believe that business software doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, as long as you use standard components that you can use separately,” says Osman Akdemir, CEO and founder of Simply Deliver. “Software from the cloud that you pay for on a subscription basis; it took a while but we find that the logistics market is ready for it. The enthusiastic stories from Smeets Ferry and various other customers underline this and for me are an indication that we are on the right track. The fact that Smeets is now going to work with more of our modules is of course the best proof that our new approach and solutions work!

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Mitchel van der Meulen, simply deliver product owner



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