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Sluyter Driver-App

Sluyter case in summary

  • Previous application was not future-proof
  • Monitor quality control
  • Fast Implementation of the Driver App
  • For in and out of cabin use
  • Integration with Transpas
  • User-friendly for drivers
  • Real-time information planning
  • CO2 reports

“With a push of a button all information is immediately available to everyone. This makes it easy to monitor the quality of your services with fully traceable evidence.”

William VeneboerSluyter Logistics

Sluyter Logistics has been on the move for almost a century. By responding quickly to customer needs and market conditions, they stay ahead of the future. With 400 employees, the logistics service provider offers groupage, distribution and warehouse services from Rotterdam, Schiphol, Tilburg, Deventer and Assen. Sluyter Logistics offers sustainable logistics solutions throughout the Netherlands from these 5 locations with 300 units daily.

Important pillars within the logistics service provider’s strategy  are innovating in the field of sustainability and digitization. Sluyter Logistics already uses the Automatic Order Entry and the CRM & Offer Management module to their full satisfaction. When they heard about the Driver-App, they immediately wanted to know more about it.

According to Sales Manager William Veneboer, working with the current board computers has slowed down the achievement of our strategic objectives. He states, “The current application functions properly; however, it is unfortunately not future-proof. We must continue to respond to important developments, such as monitoring higher quality requirements, real-time track & trace, and, above all, the recording of CO2 emissions. We want to be known as one of the most sustainable players in our industry. Therefore, it is essential to stay ahead in providing detailed and honest CO2 reports.”

for drivers

Simply Deliver has collaborated with Sluyter on the implementation and roll-out of an extremely user-friendly Driver App, which provides your drivers and charters with the right information at the right time, both inside and outside the cabin. The starting point was to make sure that every driver would say: “I want to work with this.” The great thing is that everyone, including all partners who drive for you every day, can download the app and start using it immediately.

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Integration with
Transpas TMS

William believes that it is important for drivers to enjoy their work. “Everyone who works for us receives a daily schedule through our app, which has our own unique ‘look and feel’. We communicate directly with the Driver-App from our Transpas TMS and can provide much more information than our current application. Specific assignments can be given through various instruction fields. We have tested the app with a group of 30 drivers over the past few months, and they love it. They are very happy with the functionalities and user-friendliness. We aim to make it fun and easy for both drivers and charters to work for us, which helps us keep them connected to our company.”

planning information

William also wanted to put an end to the many manual tasks. “At Sluyter Logistics, we want to make our operations more efficient for our customers, drivers, and ourselves. Tasks that were previously done manually and required customer service are now automated. If desired, our customers can receive a track and trace link, and we will send updates if there are any changes in the planning. With real-time planning information, we can immediately send an email when a reference is incorrect or when the waiting costs threaten to arise. We are no longer dependent on phones, which saves a lot of time. This enables us to allocate our employees differently and focus more on providing high-quality service rather than resolving issues. As a result, our colleagues are able to enjoy their work more.”

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Flexibel design 
per customer or assignment

With the Driver-App, logistics service providers are fully flexible. They can independently set up the app at the customer and location level. If you need to take a photo of the cargo at a customer, sign a CMR, or perform certain checks, you can provide this as an instruction. The big advantage is that drivers don’t have to remember everything, but get the right instructions per address.


William is enthusiastic about the flexibility of the app: “It is nice that everything can be turned on and off with checkmarks. That gives so much flexibility. All customers are in a standard process that can be further refined based on the customer’s wishes. This makes it easy to meet the Service Level Agreements. With the Driver app, drivers can take photos of the cargo, scan documents and register packaging. Customers want a digital CMR with signature and comments. With a push of a button all information is immediately available to everyone. All of this is done in an intuitive way so that you can easily get a grip on the quality of your service with fully traceable evidence.”

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