NIEUWS | 16 November 2020

This is why Simply Deliver is the first IT company in the Netherlands to join ISHARE network

Simply Deliver is the first IT company to have iSHARE proof. This means that barrier-free secure data sharing is now possible for Simply Deliver customers. iSHARE is an appointments system that ensures a fast and secure way of data sharing, providing more insight into the supply chain. Director Osman Akemir on the entry of Simply Deliver: “We want to ensure that our customers can share their data safely and easily with other parties. They need to be out of the box to use without our customers having to modify anything”.

Smeets Ferry, specialized in transport between the European continent and the United Kingdom, receives more than 100,000 transport orders annually. For several large customers, these are automatically shot in via an EDI connection, but the majority of the orders come in via e-mail, accompanied by a pdf, Excel, or Word file. “We can ask customers to deliver an order in a standardized way for us, but they often don’t feel like it at all. This does not have any priority at all in their IT department”.

Simply Deliver is the first company to meet the requirements for joining the iSHARE network. Akdemir is clear about why he wanted the Simply Deliver software to be ready for iSHARE so quickly: “In the near future, everything revolves around digital business. As a result, the aspect of data security will increasingly come up as a topic for discussion. Companies are struggling to choose the right or workable security level for data sharing. The iSHARE standard is a good standard and has a double-check. Joining the iSHARE appointments system allows us to offer customers even more security in the Simply Deliver cloud environment”.

Sharing data safely and reliably

Thanks to iSHARE, parties who share data via the Simply Deliver platform have the certainty that they are sharing the data securely and reliably. Even if they don’t have a commercial relationship with each other or haven’t shared data before.

The advantages of iSHARE within Simply Deliver are great

The advantages for Simply Deliver customers are great, Akdemir explains. “Imagine if you want to link up with a new partner within the chain, then we have two important advantages. Firstly, there is no need to discuss what type of security you need or how to implement it. It’s just already there. Secondly, there is an advantage if the integration between cloud systems takes place. The identification for an individual company can be done using an EORI number without having to worry about the technical aspects of the story”.

Proud to be the first

Simply Deliver wants customers to use its own platform quickly and easily in all cases. “At the same time, we want to have proper control over the data for our customers. Thanks to iSHARE, customers who use our cloud solution have the assurance that parties with whom they share data are actually who they say they are. I’m really very proud that we were the first to successfully complete the certification process. Our next step is to now apply the iSHARE specifications in the data integration with our partners JORR-IT and Yellowstar”.

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