Rosendaal Transport saves time with AOI module


Rosendaal Transportation case in a nutshell

  • 500 orders per week with multiple stops
  • Manual order processing takes a lot of time
  • Live within a few weeks
  • In 4 weeks first customer templates live
  • No more typing errors and therefore no more dead freight
  • More time to create optimal planning
  • Goal is to automate 40% of all orders
  • No more backlogs and therefore home on time

“Since we have automated the order intake, I notice that I regularly close the door behind me earlier.”

Bram HilhorstRosendaal Transport

Rosendaal Transport was founded in 1925 and specializes in road transport in the Benelux countries, England and Germany. With a versatile fleet of vehicles and its own warehouse, it offers customers customized logistics services. The majority of the 500 weekly multistop orders are still processed manually. This brings with it the necessary workload. Copying and pasting information requires meticulous working methods. Unfortunately, a mistake is easy to make.

The logistics service provider attaches great importance to automating processes. When a flyer from Simply Deliver arrived at Rosendaal Transport, transport planner Bram Hilhorst did not hesitate for a moment: “During the demo I immediately felt that we could save time with the Automatic Order Entry module. We have a team of seven in the office and the workload is high. Whenever someone is off, things get left behind. If we can automate order entry, it will free up space to do other work.”

High working pressure

Actually, we saw a familiar process at Rosendaal Transport. Orders come in by e-mail and the information is then typed over into the Transport Management System (Transpas). Cutting and pasting information is an error-prone process. “Precisely because of the high workload, the order entry was slacking off at peak times. This regularly led to errors. A wrong reference is quickly solved, but errors with delivery addresses can really lead to problems and mess up your planning,” says Bram.


We visit many logistics service providers. We regularly hear that many IT projects slow down. That is why at Simply Deliver we work with standard modules that are implemented quickly. All the nicer to hear when Bram experiences this the same way: “The implementation went very smoothly and quickly. Within 4 weeks the basis was in place and after some fine-tuning the first orders ran automatically. I particularly like the short lines of communication with the Simply team. If we have questions or run into issues, they are dealt with quickly. For example, there is an app group in which we communicate directly and Implementation Consultant Jonathan Gerad picks everything up immediately. That works particularly pleasant.”

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Forward order data
to Transpas TMS

Simply Deliver uses standard connections to the well-known TMS and WMS systems. This allows orders to be shot directly into the planning system without delay. “Currently, we drag and drop emails and PDFs into the Simply module via drag and drop. Here the orders are read in and then forwarded to Transpas. When we have fully mastered the process and are confident of correct order processing, we will start using a mail address. This is where we forward incoming orders to, after which they are automatically converted to order data in our system. Ultimately, the goal is for orders to be checked by the system and, where necessary, enriched with missing information,” Bram says enthusiastically.

Already over 20%

Rosendaal Transport is off to a flying start. Of the 500 orders per week, 100 already run through the AOI module. Bram explains the approach: “Automatic conversion works great for us for complex orders. Some orders have between 10 and 15 stops and that took a lot of time. On some days, a colleague of mine would spend an hour and a half doing that. Now it’s just a 10-minute job, which also happens without errors. I expect that we will process 40% of all orders through the system. We are aiming for simple orders that come often and those that take a lot of time to do manually.”

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During the implementation and adoption of the Automatic Order Entry module, the Simply Deliver team helps set up customer templates. With these, orders are read in so that they can be successfully converted to order data in planning systems. The goal, of course, is for customers to be able to do this independently. Bram is ready for it: “I’m pretty handy at it. I really aim for customers and orders that take up a lot of time. For each customer, we weigh whether the system will save enough time.”

Heading for
home earlier

All in all, Bram is delighted with the AOI module: “Simply Deliver has really lived up to expectations. We save a lot of time on complex orders and now have more time for other things, such as making an optimal planning. After all, order data is now in the system earlier and correctly. Since we convert automatically, I notice that I regularly close the door behind me earlier. Then you just know that such a module works according to promise.”

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