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Kotra case in a nutshell

  • 400,000 orders per year
  • Many large and challenging orders
  • Demo with ‘own data’
  • Customer specific order processing
  • Integration with Transpas TMS
  • Already 25% automated
  • More efficient order process
  • Time for an optimal planning

“It's very simple: with the Automatic Order Entry module, we have a more efficient order process. With this, we are ready for future growth.”

Martijn ZwemerKotra Logistics

Kotra Logistics is a family business founded in 1880. The logistics provider has grown into a specialist in transport, storage and handling of fresh and frozen food products. The company transports daily from distribution centers in the Netherlands, France and Germany for clients from all continents. With 300 units, Kotra Logistics is on the road in Europe day and night.

With a customer-centric approach, Kotra Logistics works to maximize customer appreciation and delivery reliability. The company has grown feverishly over the past 10 years, bringing with it a mountain of orders. Every year, the customer service department processes as many as 400,000 orders manually. That takes a lot of time and asks a lot of people. Especially when someone leaves, others have to master this work.

Martijn Zwemer of Kotra talks about the complexity of customer orders: “Every day we receive many large and challenging orders. For example, we regularly see orders from one client with 80 customers behind them. This requires us to print the orders and enter everything manually and then add up the parts. Especially at peak times like during the mussel season, for example, it squeaks and creaks. Then it is really difficult to process all the orders on time.”

Demo with
‘own data’

So it was really necessary to automate the order processing process. During a market survey, Simply Deliver came up. “We had already seen Simply passed by on LinkedIn and knew a competitor who was using the Automatic Order Entry module to our satisfaction. After contacting Frank Erftemeijer & Mitchel van der Meulen, we were given a demo with “a sample order of our own. We immediately saw that automating orders works this way,” continued Martijn.

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order processing

Martijn is very happy with this flexible solution: “With automatic conversion, we can make everything customer-specific. In logistics, every customer has its own way of delivering orders. We see Excel, Word and Pdf files. That makes no difference to this module. Goods lines are read out according to the instruction. Should there be any change, we can adjust it ourselves. It’s great that we are now self-reliant and no longer dependent on software vendors to make a change.”

with Transpas TMS

“When choosing Simply Deliver, it played into the fact that they offer a plug-and-play solution with a standard integration to our Transpas Enterprise TMS from Art Systems. Orders now automatically flow from the mailbox into our planning system and we can also get faster order status feedback. The many changes are also updated automatically by reference. That gives so much peace of mind within the department. They can now literally keep a cool head, even during peak times,” Martijn says enthusiastically.

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Already over
25% automated

Kotra Logistics did not let the grass grow under its feet and got off to a flying start. Together with the Simply Deliver team, they have already put 5 customers live and have automated 100,000 orders. Martijn continues: “The implementation went extremely well. Simply Deliver helps with setting up the first 10 customer templates and they teach us how to do this. This means that we will soon be able to onboard customers completely independently. The goal is to automate all inbound orders in this way.”

More efficient
order process

“What we are already seeing is that people are gaining time for other work. Now that the first major part of the orders goes through automatically, there has been significant time savings. Because the orders are processed faster, we can start planning the trucks earlier. That makes our customers super happy. It’s very simple: with the Automatic Order Entry module, we have a more efficient order process. With this, we are ready for future growth,” concludes Martijn.

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