Hartman Expedition is speeding up thanks to smooth order processing.


Hartman case in summary

  • The logistics service provider was looking for a smart solution for order processing
  • Manual processing of orders is time-consuming and prone to error
  • Were looking for a solution that was easy to link with TMS system
  • AOI module live within a few weeks
  • > 2,000 orders automatically converted per week
  • No more backlog, planners can get straight to work

“I wish we had discovered the Automatic Order Entry module 5 years ago.”

Dascha van de BroekHartman Expeditie

Family business Hartman Expeditie specializes in the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo such as vegetables, fruits, fresh foods and ornamental plants. With a modern fleet of 120 trucks and 80 regular charters, they connect daily supplies from all corners of the world via their 2 Dutch cross-docking locations with Scandinavia. Smooth cooperation with customers and suppliers is key to a total logistics solution with special attention to reliability, sustainability, and safety.

With hundreds of customers, the logistics service provider receives a daily barrage of orders via e-mail. And all of that in different file formats and dozens of different templates. This is to the great frustration of Order Entry Specialist Dascha van de Broek of Hartman Expeditie: “Most orders come in by e-mail and the attachment contains the details of the order. You can think of PDF, Word and Excel files. All these orders were entered manually. A time-consuming and error-prone way of working. I knew that this could be done more intelligently and efficient, and started looking for a solution.”

Standaard add-on for TMS

Hartman Expeditie spoke with several providers of automated solutions for the order entry process. The objective was to relieve the order entry department by automatically processing orders that arrive in bulk peaks. When orders are available immediately, work can be done on optimal planning in peace of mind.

Dascha tells about her choice for Simply Deliver: “This proven Solution in the logistics market came out best for us. If something works for our sector colleagues, then we are quickly convinced. The standard link with our TMS system was the deciding factor. Orders that come in by e-mail are translated directly into our TMS system. No more backlog, that’s just great!”


The Automatic Order Entry  module is known for its fast implementation. Within a few weeks, the first orders were flowing in smoothly automatically. “Simply Deliver quickly set up the first 10 customer templates. It works super easy and intuitively. If guidance is needed, the Simply Deliver team is always there for us immediately with a suitable solution. When a colleague went on maternity leave, we had full confidence in the solution. 30 more customer templates were set up. We now have 43 clients live and last week over 2,000 orders were converted automatically. This is going to increase significantly in the near future as we are now onboarding more customers ourselves. It is so nice that we can easily handle peaks”, says Dascha enthusiastically.


Dascha van de Broek:
“I wish we had discovered the Automatic Order Entry module 5 years ago.”


When asked what the Automatic Order Entry module has delivered in concrete terms, Dascha responds firmly, “So much. I wish we had discovered this solution 5 years ago. The module really saves us a lot of time, especially with complex orders that involves a lot of administrative work. We process orders quickly and even at peak times everything just keeps going. We are no longer tied to the maximum capacity of people.

Now that the order entry process is running so smoothly and we are making fewer mistakes, the lead times have dropped to an absolute minimum, with the result that the planners can get straight down to work on optimizing the planning. The productivity of the team has increased. The Order Entry team has now been given a controlling function and can provide more added value. As Hartman Expeditie, we are extremely happy with the results and the cooperation. We are now also looking at other logistics modules from Simply Deliver.”

Ontdek het AOI module

Hartman Expeditie case study video:

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