De Vries Hallum triples automatic order processing


De Vries Hallum case in summary

  • Growing flow of incoming orders
  • A lot of manual work
  • Long working days
  • Demo with ‘own data’
  • Integration with Transpas
  • Solution to EDI
  • From 20% to 55% automatic order processing
  • Savings of 60 hours per month
  • Goal is 90% automatic conversion

“Since we've been live, we've saved 22,000 minutes. That's about 60 hours a month. We used to have to work those hours with the team in the form of overtime.”

Grytsje PoortingaDe Vries Hallum

De Vries Hallum provides daily distribution and full shipments of dough, confectionery, and packaging materials within the Netherlands and 24 to 48-hour deliveries for Belgium. In addition, the family business offers several conditioned, refrigerated, and frozen transports to other countries within Europe every week. With a modern fleet of 80 towing units, De Vries Hallum can carry out various types of transports.

Like many logistics service providers, de Vries Hallum struggled with the growing influx of incoming orders. Customer Service Manager Grytsje Poortinga talks about the pressure on the organization: “De Vries Hallum is growing rapidly which can cause processes to occasionally get backed up or experience delays. We have a lot of other tasks to complete during the day, which meant that we often still had to process orders at the end of the day. This resulted in unnecessarily long workdays. That’s why we decided to search for a smart and contemporary solution.”

De Vries Hallum discovered the Automatic Order Entry module of Simply Deliver through LinkedIn. “We recognized ourselves in the customer stories of Hartman Expeditie and H.Z. Logistics. It seemed as if they were talking about our order entry. We contacted Simply and scheduled a demo. We were immediately convinced when we received a demo with pre-sent orders. With this solution, you can quickly automate customer orders without their cooperation. It’s a perfect and flexible alternative for customers who do not have the option of an EDI connection,” emphasizes Grytsje.

Automatic conversion
in addition to EDI

In practice, a combination of EDI with the AOE module is becoming the norm. De Vries Hallum already has an EDI connection with several large customers. Simply Deliver provides a solution for customers who do not have the option for EDI. Fortunately, De Vries Hallum works with Transpas, one of the TMS systems that Simply Deliver has standard integrations with.

De Vries Hallum receives a large volume of orders on a daily basis. It is mainly the orders that do not always come in the same way that require a lot of work. Grytsje takes us through the order entry processes: “Orders come in via email, which can include PDF and Excel files, as well as plain text emails. We have one customer who sends an order file every day that takes us at least half an hour to process. Because the orders were entered into the system quite late, the planning could only be made quite late as well.

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Saving 60
hours per month

Grytsje is extremely pleased with the AOE module. She says, “We were up and running with a first set of 10 customers within 4 weeks. To really get it right, you have to read in a lot of orders per customer. The system learns rules so that orders are automatically completed in the future. Now that it is up and running, it is a great solution. We have much more peace in the department. Large orders that used to take us up to two hours to fill in are now read within 10 minutes. Since we have been live, we have already saved 22,000 minutes, which is about 60 hours per month. You can imagine that this saves us a lot of time. We used to have to make those hours up with the team in the form of overtime.'”

A more efficient
order planning process

“What is a big advantage is that we no longer have any order entry errors,” says Grytsje, beaming with satisfaction. “With manual entry, a typing error can lead to incorrect information in an order with consequences. With this solution, we have tripled the number of automatically processed orders within a few months. With EDI, we reached about 20%, and now we are already at 55%. That’s really a giant leap, and we’re not done yet. We are going to automate even more customers through this method and hope to grow to 85-90%. It saves us a part-time employee, and we can also make a better planning because the orders are in the system. I am a fan of the AOE module,” concludes Grytsje, cheerfully.

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