Claassen Logistics unburdens organization with client portal


Claassen Logistics, client portal

Claassen Logistics case in a nutshell

  • Claassen processes 1,700 orders per day
  • Many calls about statuses
  • Client portal to relieve organization
  • Fast implementation & onboarding
  • Standard integration with TMSS
  • Clients can print their own labels & set up alerts
  • Share real-time status information correctly
  • Claassen is ready for the future

“Clients demand that we share data because they want to track the status of shipments in real time and send notifications to themselves and end recipients."”

Huib ClaassenClaassen Logistics

Claassen Logistics offers its clients a complete package of logistics services: transport, distribution, warehousing, sea and air freight and e-fulfilment. In addition to European transport, the company specializes in 24-hour Benelux distribution. With 300 employees and 110 trucks, Claassen Logistics processes an average of 1,700 orders per day. Personal attention and short lines of communication are key. That is also why Claassen Logistics was looking for a state-of-the-art client portal that can easily be linked to the newly delivered Transport Management System.

In control

Huib Claassen talks about his search for a client portal: “We were looking for a party that is focused on this matter and had several conversations. During the demo of Simply Deliver we were immediately convinced of the many possibilities. The main thing was that we could give clients and partners more insight into the work we do for them. Our business is very dynamic and clients often have diverse requirements. For us, a flexible solution was paramount; a module in which you can easily switch things on and off. For example, notifications, entry options and status information messages are configurable at customer level. We can ‘customize’ this ourselves without intervention from Simply Deliver.”

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the organization

Logistics is all about speed and optimizing processes. Huib takes us through the need for the client portal: “In our business, you have a lot of shipments every day. With those numbers it is a requirement to share data online. Informing everyone via e-mail is just not desirable. You can also ask yourself whether customers are waiting for a lot of e-mails. A portal provides overview; customers can now view the status of orders online and no longer have to call and email. This relieves our organization and saves a lot of valuable time. The beauty of the client portal is that you don’t need EDI connections to exchange data. We work for many SMEs and for them EDI is often not the right solution because they do not book on a daily basis. With this client portal, we offer an easy alternative.”

& integration

Despite the challenging set of requirements, Huib looks back on a great implementation: “The Simply Deliver team really lived up to expectations and the module was delivered on schedule. The link with the TMS is running smoothly. Orders are entered into our TMS via the client portal and statuses are sent back. Customers can also print labels from the portal and attach them to shipments. This allows us to route these shipments through our process. These scannable labels are ideal for quick cross-dock actions. In addition, customers can easily enter orders themselves via the portal. The system instantly performs data validations. Addresses, references and weights are checked. Thus, any errors are immediately spotted and can be corrected.”

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Real-time insights
in transport status

Huib Claassen talks about the advantages of the client portal: “Doing business with Claassen just has to be easy. Working together online in a client portal provides overview. Clients demand that we share data, because they want to track the status of shipments in real time and send notifications to themselves and final recipients. The TMS provides statuses directly to the client portal. So they know immediately where the shipment is. In addition, clients can enter orders into the portal, which are then entered into the TMS. A fast and efficient way of working.”

Future proof

Claassen anticipates that the latter client groups will also begin to enter orders through the client portal. “We are ready for the future with this portal. It offers many possibilities and is easy to expand. The strength lies in the interplay between the TMS and client portal. After going live, we are also going to get more features and then roll them out. For example, we are going to offer a track & trace service to clients. Data from our own trucks and international partner networks we are going to pull into our system. This will allow our clients to let end recipients and other stakeholders track shipments in their own corporate style. I am already looking forward to working on this together with Simply team,” Huib concludes enthusiastically.

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