BosDaalen speeds up order processing with Automatic Order Entry



BosDaalen case summary

  • Logistic service provider wants to automate and fasten order processing.
  • Setting up EDI links requires time from the client. That extra  care and time is often not available.
  • This process can be automated using the Automatic Order Entry module
  • Live within a few weeks and the number of automatically processed orders doubled within 6 months
  • Planners less manual work and more time for more efficient planning

“With the Automatic Order Entry module, the number of orders that are automatically processed has doubled within 6 months. Now that's what you call speeding things up!”

Emma MagerBosDaalen

BosDaalen is active in (conditioned) transport and has been a wellknown name in the Westland region and far beyond for over 100 years. The company specializes in the transportation of vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants to and from Germany, Switzerland and northern France. Both groupage and complete freights are transported quickly and carefully from A to B.

At BosDaalen, the customer is king. They appreciate thath the organization is delivering fast service and action and the early arrival times of cargo abroad. All these satisfied customers naturally bring demand the required orders. We are talking about thousands of orders a week and that leads to a lot of manual work. It is therefore not without reason that BosDaalen went in search of a solution that would allow them to automate these peak-load volumes.

Emma Mager, Logistics Administrative Assistant at BosDaalen, takes us back to the starting point of the order process automation: “Initially, two and a half years ago, we started automating by means of EDI links with customers. However, since customers often work with their own systems, this took a lot of time and energy from both customers and BosDaalen. Until today, 16 links have been realized, from which 30% of the orders have been automated.

It all went not fast enough for BosDaalen and through the network the Automatic Order Entry module of Simply Deliver came to mind. This cloud-based, plug & play module can receive any kind of file (PDF, Excel & Word) via email, recognize its content and convert the order data into an order in the system in seconds. In addition, you don’t need the customer for setup and testing when automating. BosDaalen wanted to know more about that.

Live within
a few weeks

Emma talks enthusiastically about her first meeting with the Simply team: “I had the feeling that they understood our problem right away and had already solved it for several branch colleagues. When I look back at the implementation process I can only state one thing: it went very smoothly. Within a few weeks the module was live and the first orders flowed through automatically. The orders are of a high quality, so our colleagues quickly gained confidence in the system. It’s very simple with us, once the trust is there, things move quickly.”

BosDaalen planners have more time to plan

“With the Automatic Order Entry module, the number of orders that are processed automatically has already increased from 30% to 60%. That is what you call speeding up the process! We can now set up this customer process independently. If it continues like this, we will be at 80% by the summer of 2022. The great thing is that our planners are no longer busy checking orders and retyping information, but can spend their time on the most optimal planning. That makes the whole process more efficient, the work more exciting and the BosDaalen customers happier. A real win-win situation,” concludes Emma.


Ecosysteem with software solutions

With its ecosystem, Simply Deliver delivers solutions during every step of the business cycle of logistics companies: from quotation to invoicing. The success of the Automatic Order Entry module leaves BosDaalen wanting more. At the moment, a customer portal is being implemented. This will allow BosDaalen customers to enter orders themselves and request information.


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