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Agro World Transport, automatische orderinvoer

Agro World Transport case in summary

  • 7.000 orders per month
  • 95% manual order processing
  • A time-consuming task
  • Fast implementation of AOE module
  • Standard integration with Mendrix
  • Saving 20 hours per week
  • The goal is 75% automatic order processing

“In this way, we are growing towards 75% automatic order processing, which already saves about 20 hours per week. We can now use that time for other tasks.”

Maikel MorsinkAgro World Transport

With more than 150 transport units, Agro World Transport specializes in refrigerated transport of products such as meat, vegetables, fresh and frozen goods. As a total solution for transport, the company also offers conditioned storage. The drivers are on the road seven days a week, 24 hours a day from Benelux to Denmark. At Agro World Transport, quality, reliability, and unburdening customers are top priorities.

Agro World offers Day A loading and Day B unloading services in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. This means that orders must be processed quickly. Until recently, this was done 95% manually, outside of a few EDI links. Fortunately, the logistics service provider had an exceptional employee handling the order entry. This employee spent the entire day manually copying incoming orders from the mailbox into the Mendrix-TMS system. A time-consuming task.

7.000 orders per month
Maikel Morsink talks about the challenges in planning: “The person handling order entry works very quickly. However, when they go on vacation, we need two substitutes to take over their duties. You can imagine that this is not optimal. Our company is growing every year, which results in more and more orders. We process an average of about 7,000 orders per month, which involves too much manual work.”

Morsink vertelt over de uitdagingen op de planning: “De jongen op de orderinvoer werkt heel snel. Maar wanneer hij op vakantie is, hebben we 2 invallers nodig om zijn taken over te nemen. Je kunt je voorstellen dat dat niet optimaal is. Ons bedrijf groeit elk jaar en dit resulteert in steeds meer orders. Wij verwerken gemiddeld zo’n 7.000 orders per maand. Dit brengt te veel handmatig werk met zich mee.”

“To speed up our processes, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to automate order processing and increase productivity,” explains Maikel. “Every day, the order entry team started their day with great enthusiasm. However, the tsunami of orders in the form of Excel, Word, and PDF files resulted in a heavy workload and required overtime. Moreover, manually typing information increased the chances of errors.”


When Maikel read Hartman’s story on LinkedIn, he immediately called Simply Deliver. He said, “It was a recognizable event, a trip down memory lane. Simply Deliver fully understood our challenge.” During an online demo, they showed us how the Automatic Order Entry module works using various existing orders from our customers. “What a cost-efficient, cost-effective, and flexible solution,” Maikel thought. “We immediately gave the green light for implementation.”

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Standaard integration
with Mendrix

Every implementation process looks the same at Simply Deliver. Through standard integrations with major TMS and WMS systems, you can quickly go live. The templates of 10 customers are set up so that order data can be converted immediately. This allows logistics service providers to quickly reap the benefits of automatic order entry. Moreover, you can use the AOE module to verify and enrich data accuracy with additional information.


Maikel is convinced that Agro World can now process more orders efficiently: “With the Automatic Order Entry module, orders are automatically imported from the mailbox and converted directly into orders in our Mendrix planning system. The system checks, corrects and enriches the data, ensuring that even during peak times, orders continue to flow automatically. As a result, we spend fewer hours on order processing and can now allocate that time to other tasks. Additionally, we can optimize our planning for greater efficiency.”

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Saving 20 hours
per week

Since we went live with the first 15 customers, we have increased the number of automatically converted orders from 5% to 40%. The goal is to process all 25 largest customers in this way, which will enable us to achieve 75% automatic order processing. This saves us approximately 20 hours per week, allowing us to allocate that time to other tasks. The beauty of this solution is that it is scalable, meaning we can continue to expand our operations with the same system,” concludes Maikel.

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